he management of Sursil srl intends to confirm its commitment to establish, implement and maintain a quality policy that :

consistently appropriate to the purpose and context of Sursil srl and supports its strategic
It constitutes a framework for setting objectives for quality and continually improve the performance of your organization
Is a commitment to satisfy applicable requirements, with particular attention to the respect of the directives mandatory
To continually improve the performance of their products and increase the satisfaction and loyalty of our Customers

Sursil srl considers the ISO 9001 certification as an opportunity for improvement and development, therefore, wishes to reiterate firmly to his will because its quality Policy is available and maintained as part of the information documented, communicated and understood and applied within its own organisation, and that it is also disseminated to interested parties, as appropriate.

Certificato 9001 SURSIL
Certificato 14001 SURSIL
Certificato 45001 SURSIL